Unit System

In Rune Seeker, a Unit's primary responsibility is to take part in Base production and operations as well as engage in battle. Rune Seeker has a large number of Units, allowing commanders to assemble their very own dream team.

To begin the battle, you can Summon up to 3 Units, and you can use Revive Element Units from the Terrain to increase your strength.

The following attributes will be present in every Unit:

  • Each Unit will belong to one of the four Elemental Systems. This will affect the Unit's advantage or disadvantage over other Units in the match along with their interactions with the terrain.

  • Stat:

  1. 1.

    ATK & HP: Determines combat power and health

  2. 2.

    SPD: Determines the unit's move priority on the field

  3. 3.

    EQL: Determines the Unit’s card capacity.

Units with high SPD will often attack first, and those with higher EQL are able to hold more Runes.

Special Skill and Equipment

In addition to the standard attacks, Units have unique skills. The player must activate a Rune in order to activate them.

Each Unit will have 03 unique skills:

  • Skill of Stars (⭐), Skill of the Moon (⭐⭐), and Skill of the Sun (⭐⭐⭐).

  • Each Skill will be in either Active or Passive

  1. 1.

    Active: Unit Skills must be manually activated, specifically by using the relevant Runes.

  2. 2.

    Passive: Unit skills don't require Runes to activate; they do so automatically and in accordance with previously specified activation conditions.

Each Unit will also have a set of four pieces of equipment - a weapon, armor, ring, and talisman - that are pre-attached and cannot be taken off or replaced. However, they can be upgraded to boost the Unit's primary stats and unlock additional bonus effects.

As such, players can freely build their army, with a diverse range of Units thanks to their unique random equipment system, and have endless options for enhancing and increasing their strength.

More importantly, commanders can also evolve Units!

Evolution and Upgrading

In Rune Seeker, time is a crucial resource, so all upgrades, in addition to the required resources, demand a set amount of time.

To accelerate some or all of the upgrading process, players can use $RUNES or complete specific daily missions.

Upgrading Unit

Players can increase the power of their Units by using the resources they gather while playing, including:

  • Unit's equipment

  • Unit's Skill

  • Evolution

Unit Evolution

Each player's Unit has the ability to evolve into a new, stronger version with better attributes when specific conditions are met. Rarer Units will have a wider range of possible evolutions, giving players more options to fit powerful Units into their preferred strategy.

Players must find the necessary materials and buildings, as well as wait through the necessary amount of time, in order to evolve the Unit.

The Four Elements' elemental characteristics are also present in various buildings, which are constructed inside a base with a hexagonal grid and adhere to the same rules as Units or Terrain.

Let's visit them.