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About the game

Rune Seeker is a turn-based strategy card game. In contrast to the majority of modern card games, which rely heavily on dueling mechanisms, i.e. attempting to defeat the opponent solely through card power, Rune Seeker places more focus on the terrain and layout of the battle. In other words, we can refer to Rune Seeker as a terrain-focused card game.

  • Fresh and dedicated to tactical depth

    Base construction, Unit evolution, random map generation, adventitious Runes... are some of the features not found in any other strategy card game.

  • Vast lore archive

    Rune Seeker’s fantasy world building is deep and engaging, allowing for an interesting game play experience to explore the plot.

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A next-gen simultaneous
turn-based strategy card game

Rune Seeker generates the battlefield at random, unlike other turn-based strategy card games. One player can rarely play the exact same game setup twice: he will be put in a position with a different terrain layout for each match.

Game Features

Rune Seeker’s depth and value lies in incorporating strategy and tactics into almost every action. Not only in the layout of the squad at the beginning of the game, but also in how you construct your squad, develop your base, and collect Runes.

Play game

Begin The Chosen Looper's journey and save the world that is on the verge of destruction by the hands of the Old Gods.

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Gather runes

Collect random Runes with unique abilities to help you on your journey.

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Master yourself

Take advantage of your wisdom and wit to make the best use out of your potential.

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Recruit Your Army

Build an army of powerful and one of a kind Units.

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Base Expansion

Build a powerful empire to advance in your quest in discovering your potential and protecting the world.

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