Base and Building System

The outcome of battle on the frontline is greatly influenced by what happens in the rear. This is where commanders can build a base system to upgrade and evolve their troops through appropriate utilization of resources.

A commander’s base will include:

  • Castle (required/non-removable): The commander's personality, tactics, and objectives are represented by the castle, which also has an impact on base planning. The castle casts an aura on nearby buildings to bump up their productivity, but this ability gets weaker the farther away buildings are from the castle. When upgraded, a castle will increase the size of the base, allowing for more buildings to be added.

  • Buildings of the following types:

  1. 1.

    Essential: Buildings that serve crucial functions in the game. They can be moved to a different location, but they must be present in the Base (ex: Buildings used for healing, rolling Gachas, evolving or upgrading units and equipment, etc.). Placing these buildings close to the Castle is beneficial thanks to its aura cast.

  2. 2.

    Mining: To produce in-game resources for the player. (Ex: quarries, diamond mines, etc.)

  3. 3.

    Support: To back up Base operations (e.g. increase the productivity of the surrounding mines, upgrade the strength of the Castle in Combat, etc.)

  4. 4.

    Decoration: to serve the commander's aesthetic preferences.

💡 Mining, Support, and Decoration Buildings can be acquired through the marketplace or Gacha.